Quick Service, by PG Wodehouse (narrated by Simon Vance)

I would happily listen to Simon Vance read a phone book, so it is needless to say his performance in this novel is a real treat. He captures Wodehouse’s clever comedy beautifully in this high quality audio production.

Quick service is a historical farce, filled with delightful characters. The story skips along amusingly from start to finish. If you’ve enjoyed Oscar Wilde or Evelyn Waugh then you’ll certainly enjoy Wodehouse’s style.

The story centres around the fast thinking, fast talking Joss Weatherby who works for a Mr James Duff & who falls in love (at first sight) with Miss Sally Fairmile. Duff wants to buy a portrait of Mrs Chavender, but Mrs Chavender’s family decline to sell, fearing the loss of a lucrative inheritance if they do. This doesn’t deter Duff who engages several of the books characters, including members of the family’s household, to steal the portrait. Each character has motives of their own, and their secrets are revealed in crime novel style as the book progresses.

Vance’s comedic timing is spot on. His British characters are perfect, but I have to admit, this is the first time I have ever heard him perform American accents. While the accents are perhaps not as authentic as they could be, they worked very well in a satirical context. Vance captures each character superbly and distinctly and his Hollywood gangster style performance of Mr Steptoe is especially delightful.

Quick Service is highly engaging, light and very humorous entertainment that will capture your full attention from beginning to end.

Quick Service (unabridged audiobook) • By PG Wodehouse • Narrated by Simon Vance • 5.5 hours • Published by Blackstone Audio • 2015 • ISBN 9781481511773

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