Nothing Serious, by P. G. Wodehouse (narrated by Simon Vance)

Nothing Serious is a collection of ten short stories, highly recommended for Wodehouse fans and golf aficionados (no, seriously!).

Among the collection are several stories with characters from Wodehouse’s other works, including five Oldest Member golf club stories, two Drones Club stories, and one each of Blandings Castle, Ukridge and Conky Biddle.

Up from the Depths is one of the Oldest Member golfing stories and one of my favourites from the collection. Golfer Ambrose Gusset is besotted with tennis player Evangeline Tewkesbury. What you may not know (and I didn’t until I read this story) is that golf and tennis are irreconcilable and it is unthinkable that a golfing man would pursue a tennis player (and after all, golf is clearly superior). Ambrose tries his hand at tennis in an attempt to win Miss Tewkesbury’s heart but fails miserably until Evangeline takes up Ambrose’s offer of a golf lesson.

Each story involves a complicated scheme to avoid difficulty, win a heart or make money. Most have unexpected consequences and each is entertaining.

As always, Simon Vance impresses in this quality production from Blackstone Audio. He creates a bright cast of characters that appear to perfectly match the author’s intent. Vance is a master of this craft and having him read the stories is a big plus for the audiobook.

Wodehouse’s short story collection is full of amusement and if you’re fond of lighthearted British humour (and perhaps, golf) this is a charming collection.

Nothing Serious (unabridged audiobook) • by P. G. Wodehouse • read by Simon Vance • 6.4 hours • published by Blackstone Audio • 2015 • ISBN 9781481519816

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